Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Speaker Dan Linford Discusses: Are Science and Religion Compatible?

 by Christi Sevits

Last Thursday, September 17th, our group hosted speaker Dan Linford. Linford is a physics graduate and is currently pursuing a graduate certificate in philosophy, studying the history of atheism as well as how science and religion interact with each other . His topic was "Science and Religion: Are They Compatible?" His talk consisted of a PowerPoint presentation and a Q&A session in which members of the audience, no matter their opinions on his conclusions on the topic, could get their unanswered questions addressed.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide any personal thoughts, as I was not in attendance. The overall turnout was good, with many of our members in the audience. Some even had dinner with Linford beforehand and mingled with him afterward to make him feel welcome and to take advantage of the opportunity to talk with him on a personal level.

Linford also came to our meeting the next evening to provide some afterthought to his speech and participate in our group's discussions. It was great to have a speaker here that is also a student, like most of us. It makes it easier for the audience members to relate to a speaker when the speaker shares a common background with them.

For more information on Dan Linford, you can go to his website to find out more! 

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