Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hungry to Help: Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser Attracts Many

by Christi Sevits

On the 19th, our group held a spaghetti dinner at College Park Baptist Church to raise money for both our group and one of our favorite regular organizations to volunteer for, the Out of the Garden Project. The dinner was a huge success. We raised $215, around $80 of which went to us, $115 to Out of the Garden, and $20 to the church sexton for allowing us to use the church's kitchen.

Out of the Garden works hard every day to deliver food to children who are on free or reduced lunches so that they can eat on the weekends, when food security is less guaranteed for them. We wanted to give back to Out of the Garden as thanks for all of the work they do. Many of our group members volunteer for them at their warehouse on a bi-weekly basis for two hours at a time to support the cause.

Preparation began at 1 P.M. We gathered and sorted all the ingredients, chopped vegetables, prepared salads, ensured we had change at the ready, and made signs directing people to the dinner - all before we started cooking! Every volunteer played an important role in making the dinner happen. There wasn't a person there who lacked enthusiasm. I contributed by chopping onions and tomatoes, and while the former was a teary process, I always enjoy an opportunity to help out low-income families like my own. I'd gladly do it again tomorrow.

Thank you to the many volunteers who helped make the success of this dinner possible. We not only have some extra money to use toward future group projects, but confidence that we were able to help Out of the Garden continue working toward its charitable goals. Way to go, everyone!

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