Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Remembering the sacrifices of those who served

Veterans Day is an opportunity to honor our servicemen and women who have fought for our right to organize apart from religion.  So we feel immense gratitude to be among the honored when we spent Sunday night with Disabled AmericanVeterans, the official organization that provides tireless representation and service to those who sacrificed for our country.  With DAV, ten members of our godless group raised nearly $500 at two Golden Corral locations in Greensboro.

We would like to thank Joey Kirkman of Church Without Walls for presenting the opportunity, Jessie Carty of the Marine Corps and Commander Spencer for accommodating us, and the veterans who’s service won't  be forgotten including the atheists in foxholes in our own group: Phillip Drum, James Muldoon, and Scott Parker.

Pictured left to right: Thomas O'Connell, Bobby Littlejohn, Jessie Carty, Daniel Foster, Zach Webb

James Muldoon, Christi Sevits, James Gemperline, Ashley Mears (not pictured)

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