Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Clock Tower Myth

Prospective students on tour at UNC-G will learn from the tour guide that if you walk under the clock tower then you will not graduate on time. The clock tower was a gift from the class of 1941 in honor of its 50th anniversary and had its ceremony on October 4, 1991. Like all myths, the commandment's origins are difficult to discern. Perhaps it was a joke started by one of the donors. If so, it probably didn't catch on until years later, because this 1993 picture clearly shows students conversing under the tower. As skeptics, we thought it appropriate to challenge the superstition and encourage students to walk under it.

Just don't manage your time by the clock tower display - it's inaccurate. If you have too many tardies because you went by the incorrect time, you could fail the class, not graduate when you expected and you'll be tempted to blame it on the myth. So for the sake of skepticism: be punctual!

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